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The Third Circle Protocol

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Georgina’s new book, "Your Guide to Self Discovery is AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON AND YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORES

Getting to know yourself has never been easier. With practical introductions to twenty New Age modalities, this book will help you discover all your many facets. Each chapter offers a concise summary of a single topic written by an expert in that field. .  READ MORE



new exciting partnership! 

We are bringing more opportunities for professional hypnotists and those who want to improve their own lives.

Changing Lives Hypnosis – A training facility with Georgina Cannon and Mary McCandless, Master Hypnotist.

Mary McCandless has over 15 years experience with Teaching and Clinical work with hypnosis.  Georgina Cannon has over 24 years in hypnosis teaching world wide both at the University of Toronto and in her own school and clinic. Together they have formed Changing Lives Hypnosis; a centre for learning all modalities through hypnosis: habit change, NLP, spiritual hypnosis, and generally how to influence and change lives through the subconscious mind.

This new and exciting  platform will provide an opportunity to bring Georgina’s and Mary’s successful workshops together into a new environment. Today and in the foreseeable future, Mary McCandless, will be facilitating  Basic and Advanced Certified Courses created by herself and Georgina Cannon, through Zoom worldwide.

Check here to see new opportunities and dates.




Listen in here as Georgina discusses her book
on the Shirley MacLaine Show

"As we make our way through multiple lifetimes, we make unspoken contracts and decisions which are reflected in the current life. Some of this unresolved karma manifests as illness and interpersonal difficulties. Georgina Cannon explains that the soul can heal, through past life regression, by coming to an understanding the events of previous lifetimes and changing the choices made for this lifetime."

Meet Georgina


Georgina Cannon, D.Msc. M.NLP. MH. U of T Instructor Hypnosis , NLP, and

Regression Therapist 


Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis Therapy, Past Life Regression & Relationships

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Change your life

Learn how this work is changing people's lives

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