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"As we make our way through multiple lifetimes, we make unspoken contracts and decisions which are reflected in the current life. Some of this unresolved karma manifests as illness and interpersonal difficulties. Georgina Cannon explains that the soul can heal, through past life regression, by coming to an understanding the events of previous lifetimes and changing the choices made for this lifetime."

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Eat well, sleep well and stay well.   Georgina

There is nothing more magical, more efficient, and more powerful than the subconscious mind. Georgina Cannon can show you how to access and use your own power and magic through hypnosis to bring joy and peace into your life and the lives of others in your world.

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Meet Georgina Cannon, D.Msc. M.NLP. MH. U of T Instructor Hypnosis , NLP, and

Regression Therapist 


Clinical Hypnosis Therapy, Past Life Regression & Relationships

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