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A Chat With…Deborah Yaffee – Hermetic Astrologer and Planet Whisperer (TM)

Deborah talks to the planets! YOUR planets, She talk to your planets for your deeper insight and healing. A student. teacher and decade long practitioner of Hermetic Astrology, plus her training in nutrition, hypnosis, Reiki, EFT and Aromatherapy add solid , pragmatic tools to her innate healing and spiritual practice. In addition, she has been a long time student of Tibetan Buddhism and comparative religions. There is a depth and sense of ancient wisdom when you are in her company.

What was the impetus, the trigger that caused you to start this journey?

“I think this was something I just came into this life to do. From the time I was a child, I was a spiritual seeker. I can’t remember a time when I was not integrating science and spirituality and the power of the mind.


I formally began to study astrology in high school. Throughout college and beyond, I studied chemistry, neurophysiology and psychology while devouring everything I could on metaphysics and all things occult. In 1980, I discovered the Hermetic System of Astrology, Alchemy and Magic, as elucidated by a brilliant astrologer and psychic named Elbert Benjamine. Under the pen name of C.C. Zain, he wrote the 21 courses of the Brotherhood of Light. Marty (my husband) and I studied these courses which integrates science and spirituality, and which teach a proven path for living well in a life dedicated to universal service. We found ourselves working with this technique to help people forget their “fate” and seize their destiny.

I had worked as a massage therapist after college and I now found that Zain’s “stellar dietetics” inspired me to study nutrition. I integrated that learning with Hermetic Astrology.”


Did you ever doubt? “

Yes and I still do! I remember seeing an interview of Sister Dolores Hart. She was a Hollywood actress who suddenly called off her wedding and entered a cloistered order of nuns. When asked if she ever doubted her decision, she answered, “yes, every day.” I thought that was very peculiar…and yet, now I understand it. Certainty and being on a path CAN co-exist with doubt!”


How did, or does your choice of profession play with your family – your parents – and your own family? When they talk about you, what do they say?

“My mother was the one who taught me from a very early age about the power of the mind so she thought the hypnosis work was a great thing to do. But she practically begged me to do astrology work since I was in high school! Her sister was a psychic and she herself had “the gift”…she was a big believer in what I do and she would have LOVED to see that I FINALLY “did it!”

The rest of the family? Well, my daughter …she just smiles . My husband is doing this work with me. My brothers just think it’s humorous…and hippy-ish. I’m the baby with 3 older brothers….”


What do your colleagues say when they talk about your work?

“Well….many of them are just learning about this work . So far , they have described it as “absolutely brilliant”, “unique”, “special insights that will be of tremendous benefit to clients”, “fascinating”, “exciting”, and “truly innovative . One of my regular clients who is a Yoga teacher says that “for every one of our sessions, Deborah has researched planetary developments, and interviewed me to uncover goals for our work together. “Deb’s compassionate and clear guidance made the experience of Talking to the Planets™ one of the most transformation awakenings I have had—empowering, meaningful, and relaxing simultaneously.”

“Another client – from Canada sent me this: “What a refreshing break from the Land of Astrolo-Greek! Deb spoke English! She spoke directly to my issue of concern. and she gave me clear and timely answers to formulate a new direction for my life and career. Believe me, I have had my fair share of ‘readings’ over the years. This was more. Deb incorporates her many talents – Tarot, essential oils and hypnosis and her own special ‘spice’ – to create an extraordinary journey through which I could actually experience these planetary influences. And in a very real way”.

As you look to the future – what’s next for you?… and then after that? “Lots of workshops and online seminars and courses so that I can train people to do what I do …and then ongoing work with clients and our group of Certified Planet Whisperers(R) so that we continue to explore and grow this discipline of “planet whispering”

How would you like to be remembered by the next generation?

“If I can inspire them to find and follow through on a solid spiritual path in service to the world and all beings, that would be a “win” for me!”


The Hermetic astrology Deborah does and teaches (which I am learning) is taught in two ways – firstly if you are a hypnotist you can take the course and learn to overlay the procedure into your client hypnosis sessions. Secondly, as an accredited National Guild of Hypnotists Teacher, you can take the two part course, first learn the hypnosis, and then learn Hermetic Astrology and become a Certified Planet Whisperer(TM)

You can find out more and reach Deborah through her website

Dr.Georgina Cannon, Founder of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre is adding this modality to her entrepreneur coaching and mentoring sessions – for small business and sole practitioners.

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