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"Georgina is a fascinating woman who has devoted her time and energy to help people understand themselves better through the use of hypnosis and past life therapy." - Shirley MacLaine

"You’ve blended the line between science and healing with your heartfelt love of human beings – It’s a love that travels through your written and spoken words." 
- Brit Elders, CEO

"Your honesty and integrity shines through in everything you say and do. You are truly a professional who has learned the very valuable mix of respect for your fellow human when they search for the truth and you satisfy their thirst for knowledge, like only you can."  
- Rob McConnell, XZone Radio Host and Producer

"I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I felt very comfortable discussing my challenges with Georgina. I found she was able to hone in on some issues in a way that was honest and challenged me to take ownership and get inspired. She provided me with some clarity and constructive advice on how to work ahead and move forward. Look forward to seeing her again."
- Celeste M.

Frances G says: "Dr. Cannon has a knack for honing in on issues that need addressing for true healing. She gave me practical tools and advice to help me on my path.Now I'm hooked!"

Carly K says: "Professional, practical, trustworthy, insightful and unbiased. I felt very comfortable with Georgina and was amazed by the insights gained. Now I want to do more! (P.S. If you are nervous for your first appointment, don't be. The clinic is in a lovely office building and it's very professional. I'm so glad I opened this door!)

So easy to talk to."

Robin W says: "I had no idea what to expect, and with so many issues, had no idea how to cover them all. Georgina made me very comfortable and asked difficult questions with ease, which in turn made them easy for me to answer. She understood my plight even though we had just met. It gave me a lot to think about, in a very positive way. Looking forward to seeing her again."

"Excellent class, thank you, you changed my mind again!!!" Eri Oshima Acupuncturist teacher and clinician/hypnotist 

"Georgina offers so much more to her students and clients than just training - she offers healing. I received untold tools to work and help myself and my clients. Tracy Mullin - Sales Representative/hypnotist

Ashley S says: "Georgina was wonderful. I came to see her for one thing, and left with information regarding many aspects of my life! She was extremely comfortable to work with & I look forward to working with her throughout the year. Her expertise in many areas is a great asset!"

Jason K says: "Dr. Cannon made me feel very comfortable and I was in control of the process the entire time. The dots are connecting in a very exciting way for me now."

Mark K says: "Was able to clarify the issues and plan for future actions. Amazing :)"

Polina T says: "The regression was just amazing. I honestly felt comfortable and I could honestly trust Dr. Cannon. She did a great job and inspired me to take charge of my life :) You wont regret having a regression with her. She's just amazing :)"

Igor N says: "I had no expectations and what I've got went way above and beyond what I could even imagine."

Isabelle K. says: "I booked Georgina for a couple of sessions and was very happy I did. She gave me advice and insight that I decided to follow and my life is already better because of it. I did a past life regression for the first time and was amazed at the information I received. I definitely will be seeing her again and would highly recommend her to anyone."


Tracey Z. says: "I found Georgina to be so insightful, intuitive and genuinely interested in helping me. She is clearly very wise and so down to earth and real. I feel very comfortable and safe with her."

Carina V. says: "It was like meeting a wise and very dear friend. Georgina was looking right into my soul, and I felt comfortable and deeply understood from the first minute. Am so happy I met her. Thank you so much Georgina, I am looking forward to my sessions and am confident with your help I will have my questions answered and soul healed."

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