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Scripts for Behavioural Change, IN PDF!
  • Scripts for Behavioural Change, IN PDF!




    The scripts in this book are tried and tested in my clinic for over 20 years. They are designed to help the professional hypnotist or other care workers. It is strongly recommended that they be used as written with full care and concern for the client’s overall well-being. They may be used separately or combined to be more effective for each client. 


    50 Success Scripts to Assist in Change!


    • Procrastination (2)
    • Habit change (18) all different habits
    • Sleep and snoring (7)
    • For children (4)
    • Study skills (6)
    • General self esteem (8)
    • plus much more... to total 50 scripts for success


     In the past, while working in the corporate world, Georgina ran hundreds of workshops world-wide and picked up all sorts of tips and hints that arn't normally discussed in teachings about workshops - with this book, you get to share and learn them all!  That's why this book was written - to make sure you can hold exciting successful workshops!

    • Hard Cover copies

      Note - we also have limited quantities of the bound version of this book, for $70 plus taxes and shipping costs from Canada.  Contact directly if you wish to purchase a hard copy of this book instead of the PDF.  

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