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Neurolinguistic Protocol Training (NLP)

Neurolinguistic Protocol Training (NLP)


This is an opportunity to expand your clinical skills and bring these masterful techniques into your practice.  You will learn reliable processes for self-discovery, intention setting and communication that teach you to adapt, innovate and achieve these goals. 

Here’s what is great in our interactive, online training:  Using NLP to learn NLP!

  • You will learn and practice: learn in short, intense bursts calculated to help you stay focused and in your best learning state
  • pay attention to just one or two people at a time in breakout exercises designed to build your acuity
  • incorporate NLP techniques into your online communication style to heighten your effectiveness as you communicate online at home and work
  • Your workbook includes background material and theory which you will read and digest at your own speed and on your own time.
  • The Power of Timelines and safe, fast regression to cause.
  • The Power of Language recognizing and using your client’s view of the world
  • Practice the Eye-accessing cues to enter their map of the world
  • How and when to use the Circle of Excellence
  • Mend a Broken Heart: help yourself and others recover from bad relationships
  • Change Personal History: help your client alter their responses to bad memories
  • Adding Resources: supply more skills to new areas
  • Anchoring: learn the secrets of master communicators by using anchors
  • Chaining Anchors: learn to anchor new states in yourself and others
  • Swish Patterns: help your client (and you!) leap past limitations
  • New Behavior Generator: gives you dependable techniques to try on new skills;    utilizing the secrets of top sports performers
  • The NLP Fast Phobia Technique: release traumatic memories to war and PTSD
  • 6-Step Reframe: learn to use your subconscious in new ways

Deep Self-Appreciation Techniques to boost your self-esteem