Master of Hypnosis Toolkit

Master of Hypnosis Toolkit


Two full days lerning the Advanced Yypnosis Toolkit: tools & protocols for change and motivation.


You will learn:

  • Key intake tools to get beyond the surface including questions you never thought to ask!
  • Emotional benchmark testing and change
  • Safe effective regression techniques to get to the source of the issue and change it
  • Alternative ways to connect with the powerful subconscious for profound change
  • How to work with your client’s goals and priorities to set their personal boundaries
  • How to turbo charge their life (and yours) by clearing and healing
  • Releasing blocks from any time or dimension
  • How to connect with the spirit of hypnosis without violating your client’s belief system.

Pre-requisite: Basic hypnosis training

You will receive a gift copy of the book, ‘Tools for Change’ (value $60.00) when you attend this course.


Fee:  $850.00 plus tax

A non-refundable registration fee of $100 must be paid at the time of application to secure your place in a class.