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Coaching & Counselling Basic & Tools Workshop

Coaching & Counselling Basic & Tools Workshop


Pre-requisite: Hypnosis Certification Training

If you have completed the Clinical Hypnosis Training, you’re ready to deepen your skills to assist clients
integrate what they have learned and help them move forward into a satisfying, joyful life. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Your role as a coach – your biases and boundaries.
  • Coaching and counselling skills that you may use help your clients move forward
  • How to set boundaries for yourself and your client
  • How to maximize your client’s performance and energies according to their specific challenges.
  • How to help clients articulate clearly and plan to achieve their goals within a time period.
  • Recognise, monitor and change clients’ self talk as necessary
  • Setting achieving goals, personal, family and work.
  • Moving the client from Victim to Hero in their life
  • … and much more

Two full intensive days of training that will be invaluable for you to build and maintain business in your hypnosis practice.

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