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""Georgina is a fascinating woman who has devoted her time and energy to help people understand themselves better through the use of hypnosis and past life therapy." -Shirley MacLaine

An international expert on hypnosis and the mind-body connection who has been in demand in the media for the past 14 years. Georgina has been a regular on international radio and TV programs, and is frequently asked to publicly comment on hypnosis and holistic healing. She also speaks with fluency on discoveries in the area of human psychology, including relationships, world issues and more. 

In 2003, Georgina was chosen from among the leading hypnotherapists in North America to take part in the highly successful three-part television documentary series Past Life Investigation, produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

As Featured In:

Suggested Segment Topics

  • Is Stressed Your Middle Name?

  • How to get along with the Unloved Ones in your life.

  • The Ideal Relationship – Me, You and Who?

  • Past Lives – Really?

  • The True Power of Your Mind

  • Setting Goals – How to Get There.

  • Overcoming Fears and Phobias.

  • How to make plans with and for your aging parents.

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