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"I have been lucky enough to be able to take many of Georgina’s courses over the past year (NGH Level 1 and 2, NLP, PLR and LBL) and plan to take many more! Georgina offers small class sizes, where you are able to practice what you are learning with other students, under Georgina’s watchful eye. Her programs and protocols are well organized and easy to follow. One of the great things about having Georgina as a teacher is her years of experience and wisdom. Through her anecdotes and demonstrations, she teaches you how to navigate many different situations that may arise. She teaches in such a way that it doesn’t feel like “teaching”, you learn in a very “hands on” way. The added benefit of taking Georgina’s classes, is that you experience hypnosis not only as the practitioner, but as the client as well. Just like your clients will do, Georgina’s classes provide a space where you can be vulnerable and work on yourself through hypnosis. It’s not only beneficial for you, but helps you to understand how your clients may feel, when they come to you. Anyone can pick up the material and read it, but you can’t duplicate the wisdom and guidance you gain, from having Georgina as a teacher. I had previously attended a 5-day seminar (with 150 people) on past life regression, which was a great experience, and did provide me with the credentials needed to be a past life regression practitioner. However, it was Georgina’s 2 day, much more hands on, intensive and smaller class size, that gave me the experience and confidence I needed to feel I was ready to start using past life regression with clients. People travel from all over to be taught by Georgina. I highly recommend her courses, and look forward to taking more with her!" Rashmi Kumar,  Toronto, ON, NLP, PLR & LBL, and more!


'This is a great training for becoming a Certified NGH Instructor, I learned new ideas for training." Dr. Doris Ohnesorge, The Ohnesorge Institute, Switzerland, Train the Trainer

"Georgina is a great teacher and coach she is able to compress complex learning stuff into easy handle-able lessons."  Ingo Kaderli, The Ohnesorge Institute, Switzerland, Train the Trainer

"Georgina is generous with her wisdom.  She genuinely wants you to succeed. I had limitations lifted as a student in her class. Her approach is refreshing, honest and kind.  Thank you, Georgina!"  Nicole Vallentyne, Kanata, Ontario, Train the Trainer

"Better understanding and enlightening of my 'teaching side.'"  Brandon Dean, Toronto, Ontario, Train the Trainer

"It met more than my expectations. The stuff I learned was life-changing.  She taught us brilliant ways to teach with people all around the world."  Dr. Murat Uludag, Ankara,Turkey, Train the Trainer


“An excellent way to learn about hypnosis, its uses and more importantly how to help people make changes in their lives.” L.G.Raifman, Teacher. Newmarket. Ontario

"Various techniques were used to deliver the information so I feel I got a well rounded knowledge of the information. It was informal with lots of opportunity for questions in a safe learning friendly environment.
E Daniels. Early Childhood Educator/Social Worker. Simcoe Ontario

"Obtaining clarity of mind and clear perception of others has been a life-long goal; it is a process that requires constant effort, focus and emotional stamina. It also requires commitment and discipline, so I was satisfied to increase them through these courses and practical experiences, they were very valuable.  I would definitely recommend them.”  
MPC, Bracebridge. Scientific Researcher

"This course is designed and taught in a way to make NLP techniques so easily accessible in a relatively short time frame.  I now have important tools that I will use in future communication both professionally and personally.”
A.C.T. Toronto, Lawyer (NLP WORKSHOP)

"This course exceeded my expectations.  It presented me with a myriad of ways to hep my clients and myself.  I now feel anything is possible.” - Mary McCandless.  Cobourg, Ontario. Master Hypnotist and Trainer (NLP WORKSHOP)

"I came into this course with low self confidence and other issues, and I was helped with moving and relieving them… ahhhh.  This course is for anyone who wants to be better than they are, and who doesn’t?  My expectations were exceeded.”  Sharon Honeycutt. Yoga teacher/studio owner  Charlottesville, Virginia. U.S.A. (NLP WORKSHOP)

"The content of this course and the delivery were exceptional in a trustworthy, safe environment.”

"In this course I learned that Past Lives can really help bring clarity, that you learn and discover more about yourself and your true essence.  This is a gift you can share with others.” - Helen Peacock. Spiritual Medium  Mississauga Ontario (PAST LIFE AND LBL TRAINING WORKSHOP)

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop on Saturday.  I feel new, strong, and ready to face moving forward.  I can’t stop smiling!” Judit Scherer, Toronto (Getting Beyond Stuck)

"Solid grounding in methods and practice of the C.I. for NGH materials and teaching.”  
Dr. Rhonda Waters,  Boston. Mass.

“An amazing course! Chock full of information and executed by the best facilitator I’ve met, Georgina Cannon!”
Terra Martin, CH. CFST Toronto

"Georgina, first of all I want to thank you for everything! To take classes with you is the biggest gift I can give myself. I start discovering certain things about myself that I did not see before. I feel free and relieved of some emotional burdens that I carried. Thank you. I’ll be back for more.” Rita Dumov, Thornhill, Ontario

"Hypnosis is an invaluable tool for assisting me in my work with therapy clients.“ Sheri Rumack, MSW, RSW, Toronto, Ontario 

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