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Can everyone be hypnotized?  

Yes, if they want to be. You can’t hypnotize someone against their will – although having said that, life sometimes hypnotizes us unknowingly.  TV commercials for instance, when you suddenly get the munchies after watching a chocolate bar commercial, or find your mouth watering while watching the cooking channel.  Because the subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between real and imagine we can experience fear or sadness when reading a book about loss, or watching someone else on t.v. have a frightening experience.

What IS hypnosis?

It’s an altered state, the same brainwaves as meditation, or when you’re totally involved in what you are doing, whether it be running, watching a movie or reading.  It’s focused attention where the outside is semi closed off and all the focus is on what you are currently doing.

Clinical hypnosis allows a professional hypnotist  to by-pass the critical conscious mind to access the subconscious where all habits, patterns and old believe systems are stored. The subconscious is the home of all your emotions and your  imagination, and it remembers everything you’ve ever seen, done, heard, felt and learned.  It’s your personal blueprint!

Hypnosis is focused attention that can help change that blueprint. 

You always know where you are and what is going on around you, when you’re in hypnosis — except it doesn’t matter.  You are choosing to stay in that state we call hypnosis. It’s that relaxed state your mind reaches just before you fall asleep (called “hypnagogic”), and again just before you wake up (called “hypnopompic”).  You are in complete control and can bring yourself out of hypnosis at any time, should you so choose.  But it feels so great so you won’t want to!

What does a clinic session look like? 

Once you have booked your initial session, you will receive a form to fill out and print out to bring with you.  By doing this ahead of time it allows us to focus right away on the issue you’re coming to the clinic with – not wasting any of your time – we get right to work.

I ask some background questions from you, and we discuss the purpose for your visit.  Depending on the discussion we plan the program for you.   Do you need to have more self esteem?  Get beyond being stuck in life?  Have a fear of some type you would like to release?, or a habit you want to change. ? On the other hand you may need coaching and counselling for professional or relationship issues.  The shape and quantity of clinic sessions depends totally on what you want to achieve. Coaching, counselling NLP, goal setting and habit change are all part of the work in the clinic, some in hypnosis, some not.  And you are, most often, given some homework to do to speed change along.

How does hypnosis feel?

In the clinic you’ll relax in a very comfy chair, with your permission we put on some relaxing music. You close your eyes and follow my voice as it leads you into a gentle relaxed state.  Usually on the first session, it’s quite a light state as your mind is busy wondering what’s going to happen next and if it will work for you!  After the first time, when you find it deeply relaxing and very pleasant  ( a mind spa one of my clients calls it) you’ll be less anxious about ‘doing it right’ and allow yourself to go deeper into relaxation, your mind and body both feeling soothed, your breathing and heart rate slows down.  You may see colours or blackness – either way is OK. When in trance, we either do a regression back to change an original pattern or thought, or we change limiting beliefs about ourselves and our place in the world. 

Hypnosis Helps With: 

  • Fear and phobia release – usually in one or two sessions:  Public Speaking?  Heights? Dentists? Bugs?

  • Habit change: Lateness, nail biting, emotional eating, procrastination, and others that don’t serve you well.

  • Emotional issues:  Anger, deep sadness or feelings of not good enough – low self esteem

  • Pain management and preparation of the boy mind and spirit for surgery

  • Life Issues:  Sleep deprivation.  Stress Management and release.  Study Habits

  • Early life patterning which no longer serves you well.

Georgina also offers Relationship Coaching, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives journeys to clients.  

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