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A Chat With… Carole Matthews

Carole Matthews is an Intuitive Medium, radio host, author and columnist.

Carole hosts a weekly call in radio show The Carole Matthews Show on 560 CFOS Saturdays from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EST. Her guests most recently were James Redfield – the author of The Celestine Prophesy and Dr. John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women from Venus.

Her personal strength and witty sense of humor comes from her own life: her roots in both Winnipeg and Keswick, Ontario, the challenge of two near fatal car accidents, and the joys of her three children, six grandchildren, two great grandchildren and her Bichon dog Tuffy.

“It was these car accidents which turned my life around” she explains. “1979 was the pivotal year. One moment I was an executive secretary at a blue chip company, after a major car accident, I found myself suddenly being psychic – or aware of my psychic abilities and doing private readings. My father was psychic, but didn’t channel it as I do. In his own way, he was my mentor.”

When I asked Carole if she ever doubted her gift, as many of us do, she said “I doubt it every day… my belief is if you take this gift for granted, you will lose it. It’s very important to keep ego out of the way and just trust that I will do my best with the help of my guides. I honor that I have a gift – I didn’t choose this profession, it chose me!”
Realising her life was getting out of balance, the writing, the radio show, the client work and more recently group work, she decided to practice what she preached and she “put it out there” and after much introspection and soul work, discovered what she thrives on. Freedom to be her own person yet complete commitment to ‘the work’.


Carole has recently found balance with a coast to coast life style – alternating between a burgeoning loyal clientele in both British Columbia and Ontario. Her weekly radio show has a growing audience, coast to coast, and she has fun with it. “I love to interview interesting people and share their thoughts with listeners; and after the interview I work with the call-in questions and guide from another plane.”

When asked about her heroes, Carole gave me a list – and they all had one thing in common – they were true to their own beliefs and weren’t afraid of being judged for who they are, and what they believe in. “A hero of mine is Shirley MacLaine because she went ‘out on a limb’ way ahead of her time. John Edward and his work and gift. Writer, poet and all around amazing woman Maya Angelou, and the men who changed our perception of politics and brought us into ‘current’ President Obama and John Kennedy.”

Currently writing a book, preparing a CD and organizing guests for her upcoming shows, Carole shows no signs of slowing down. “I am being called to do more. Medium work in a ‘group’ situation – something I never thought I would say, but it came full circle this past month during a talk I had been asked to give. It just started there – and it seems this is part of my future”.

Carole can be reached at

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