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A Chat With… Brit Elders

Suddenly it’s everywhere – the serious discussion about UFO’s and ET’s – even Maclean’s Magazine ran a piece in October reporting on 7 retired  U.S. Air Force Officers’ report of alien interference at nuclear weapons sites. This is all ‘old news’ to Brit Elders and her husband Lee.   Brit, writer, film maker, CEO of the Shirley MacLaine website has been researching and documenting sightings since 1977.

“At that time I Lee and I owned Intercept, a security company working with Fortune 500 companies to help them with their security – phone tapping and industrial espionage.  These were the days before the internet.”  She explains.  “In 1977 Lt. Colonel  Wendelle  Stevens came to us with some documented sightings of UFO’s and he wanted us to work with him and investigate these further”.

Brit and Lee spent two days looking at the evidence, all in 8mm movie footage – and took on the task.

The  1977 Pleiadians contact  in Switzerland  took many hours of investigation “We spent 5 years on that case, and as hard as we tried – and we really did try – we couldn’t find any way to disprove the visuals or the sounds ”  Over the years Brit and Lee invested not only their time, but also their dollars – “In just 1978 and 1979 we had spent $150.000 of our own money to research all the sightings which came our way.”
Along the way, they researched some metals found – and realized there was no way these metals were made on this planet. “Layers of metal interspersed with layers of crystal, cold fused.  Until  our scientists started working on space travel in the U.S. this type of metal wasn’t developed – even now, they still need heat for fusing.  The metals we tested were definitely cold fused.  We haven’t yet developed a way of duplicating this on earth!”  Their research took them to some of the most advanced laboratories available, labs at MIT, Boeing, IBM to research sounds, visuals and metals.


In 1979 they published their first book – UFO Contact From the Pleladians, with 12×12 photos for maximum impact. This first book (10,000 copies) triggered more than 150,000 letters from communities worldwide reporting sightings and asking for more information. As a result, a second book, Volume 2, was published 10 years on, with updated documentation and photographs.

Brit’s training as an investigator has made her very pragmatic, and she takes nothing for granted.“We went to some of the most creative and highly respected  movie special effects studios and asked them to replicate some of our photos and movies.  They couldn’t.  There was always something showing, or missing.  It just couldn’t be done”. Since then they have documented over 10,000 cases of sightings in Mexico, Brazil, Japan and the U.S. and are recognized as the foremost credible UFO researchers and film-makers in the world.

Brit on Earth:
A lifetime spent in Arizona, in the lush beauty of the mountains has given Brit a sense of fluidity and oneness with the earth – in spite of her work with E.T’s.  “I’ve always connected at a deep profound level with the earth and the creatures who share it with us.  My father is Cherokee, my mother Danish and I have studied with the Hopi and worked with the Lakota Tribes, all of which gives me a perfect balance.”

Brit has three books currently being written or at the publishers waiting to be released – Cooking in the Light.  “My adventures in the kitchen started in 2002 when there was illness in the family, and I realized that food could heal.  I have developed a series of cook books  with delicious, tempting recipes that are sugar free, with no dairy content.  Some of these recipies are on the Shirley MacLaine website radio show Cooking in the Light.”


In the early 1980’s, Shirley MacLaine asked Brit to help her set up an interactive website – way before the time of social networking. “Shirley has always been an advanced thinker!  I said I would give it a try and became enamored with the technology and creativity that was possible. “ 

Today this website reaches all over the world, and is a connecting conduit for people in all stages of life and backgrounds to generate  understanding  and health of  mind, body and spirit. From time to time Shirley pops in on a chat room, or gives a radio interview with a scientist, healer or author who interests her.

What’s next for Brit – in addition to the continuing space visitor studies, writing, food exploration, creating for and managing Shirley’s website?  Dynamic Living Magazine.  To be launched January 1 2011. Working with friends who are naturopathic doctors and healers, Brit is launching this on line magazine to show how anyone can live a dynamic life.  “We’re working on the format, and lining up some good writers who are knowledge based, and we will make the magazine available – on line – for busy folks to want the information in an easy to absorb and use format.” Brit adds, “It will be by subscription – and the announcement will be coming out very soon.”


I asked Brit, in closing, who she admired – in her life, from history or a public figure.  She took a while to answer this one. “Not really any one person “ she answered slowly, “I admire, or respect people who pursue their passion and share it in an exciting, dynamic way”

Brit, and Lee embody just that. Committed, dedicated, passionate about bringing their knowledge and understanding to the general public.  Yes, there is another UFO updated book in the works!

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