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TWENTY WAYS TO FIND THE TRUE YOU!"                      




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Getting to know yourself has never been easier. With practical introductions to twenty New Age modalities, this book will help you discover all your many facets. Each chapter offers a concise summary of a single topic written by an expert in that field. Explore your emotional intelligence with Beryl Comar and your Akashic Records with Maureen St. Germain. Find the meaning behind recurring dreams with Dr. Kelly Sullivan Walden and examine your emotional DNA with Judy Wilkins Smith. Other contributors like Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman, Lisa Greenfield, and Richard Webster will kickstart your self-discovery with insightful passages and tutorials.

Birth Order - Numerology - Dreams - Emotional Intelligence - Palmistry - Karma - Astrology - Creative Superpowers - Family Constellations - Animal Guides - Past Lives - Archetypes - Face Reading - Enneagrams - Relationships - Personal SWOT Analysis - Akashic Records - Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Angels - Auras

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The Third Circle Protocol: How to relate to yourself and others in a healthy, vibrant, evolving way. Always and All-ways

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Using, as a basis, the tools developed for clients for over 20 years in the author’s clinic, The Third Circle Protocol gives the understanding and offers the process to live a life of satisfying, loving and effective relationships without guilt or angst. It shows how to feel comfortable and flourish in the relationship with self and others.

The Third Circle Protocol teaches the reader how to understand the often unspoken or unrecognized contracts we have with each other. And how to write new ones – when the current one isn't working. These contracts start with the relationship with yourself, your lover, your kids, your sister, or your parents. The centre core of your life is affirming interactive relationships, in your private life as well as at work. The exercises are simple, pragmatic and profound.


"Anyone who is part of a couple, has parent-child tensions, an over-critical friend or a difficult boss, can benefit from reading The Third Circle Protocol. It’s basic principles – have a healthy understanding of your own values and priorities, then consider the relationship with another as a separate entity -  are now made understandable and practical to apply, through this book. All relationships are complex, and most people give lip service to “working on it,” but get lost in their own separateness.  Georgina Cannon provides a map and exercises to get you and your relationships to a better place. She posits the relationship as a contract to be “nourished, nurtured, respected and heard”…it’s not always easy but, with practice, becomes a more promising route to relationship satisfaction and success. I’d advise my readers to give it a try." Ellie Tesher, Syndicated Advice Columnist Ellie

"The Third Circle speaks the truth. One plus one equals three. The third entity is the relationship which two people create. My wife calls marriage a struggle and Joseph Campbell called it an ordeal because they understand the effort that goes into creating the third circle. The Third Circle can show you the way to create a healthy relationship and be your life coach." Bernie Siegel, MD author of The Art of Healing and 365 Prescriptions For The Soul


"The Third Circle Protocol serves as a clear portal for those who live in their heads to move beyond an abstract idea of enriching relationships. This book provides specific and practical steps that one may take to establish a 'relationship blueprint,' that aligns ones values and priorities, with actions. It covers a wide range of relationship types and scenarios to help one recognize needs, to achieve goals and to realize one's vision of success in relationships. The protocol is concrete and powerful - and when applied, it works." Mary Susan MacDonald, Board Director, Mensa Canada


Return Again: How to Find Meaning in Your Past Lives

Discover your true purpose in this life, by exploring your past life in this do-it-yourself guide to past life regression. Award-winning hypnotherapist Dr. Georgina Cannon shows how we can consciously influence our future by better understanding our past in Return Again: How to Find Meaning in Your Past Lives and Your Interlives. Cannon offers a practical and accessible approach that anyone can use to discover: 

  • Body and soul agreements

  • Planes of existence

  • Levels of understanding

  • KarmaSoul Mates—you may have more than one!Past lives and your “interlife”--where you meet those with whom you have a soul contract to plan your next life.


Cannon offers a step-by-step process with simple explanations and pragmatic exercises that readers can use to answer questions about their past and current lives.Return Again is an easy-to-use tool that anyone can use to live life to the fullest.


“Georgina Cannon’s Return Again is a very powerful tool and important for anyone wanting to better understand themselves.” Brit Elders, CEO of

“Return Again is an insightful look at our life between lives. It offers an intriguing explanation for present behaviours and helpful ways forward. The book comes alive through Ms. Cannon’s anecdotes and cases – real people with real experiences. Highly recommended!” Julie Clayton, New Consciousness Review

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