We reserve the right to cancel a course if sufficient numbers are not registered for the best possible training student opportunity.  Deposits and/or payments made will be refunded  or held for the next training time in that event. 


Coaching and Counselling Introductory for Graduate Hypnotists:                  

                                                                                                        MARCH 5 - 6 and AUGUST 13-14, 2022

Next Steps - Adding to your Toolbox, LEVEL 1                                   JANUARY 16, and AUGUST 28, 2022                                                                                                          

More Tools for Your Toolbox Advanced Training, LEVEL 2                                                        MAY 22, 2022



Past Life Regression Facilitation:                                                           AUGUST 28 - 29, 2021                                                                                                              DECEMBER 11 - 12, 2021


Life Between Lives Regression                                                         SEPTEMBER 4 - 5, 2021                                                                                                                                                 FEBRUARY 6, 2022

Level 1 (NGH Certification):                                                                         APRIL 8 - 11, 2022  

Level 2 (NGH Certification                                                                       APRIL 22 - 25, 2022 



NEW!  Coaching and Counselling Introductory for Graduate Hypnotists:                                                                 MARCH 5-6, 2022

Pre-requisite: Hypnosis Certification Training

If you have completed the Clinical Hypnosis Training, you’re ready to deepen your skills to assist clients
integrate what they have learned and help them move forward into a satisfying, joyful life. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Your role as a coach – your biases and boundaries.

  • Coaching and counselling skills that you may use help your clients move forward

  • How to set boundaries for yourself and your client

  • How to maximize your client’s performance and energies according to their specific challenges.

  • How to help clients articulate clearly and plan to achieve their goals within a time period.

  • Recognise, monitor and change clients’ self talk as necessary

  • Setting achieving goals, personal, family and work.

  • Moving the client from Victim to Hero in their life

  • … and much more

Two full intensive days of training that will be invaluable for you to build and maintain business in your hypnosis practice.

$1000 plus taxes





NEW!  Next Steps - Adding to your Toolbox, LEVEL1

JANUARY 16, 2022, and AUGUST 28, 2022

More Tools for Your Client/Clinic Toolbox (1)

Pre-requisite – Hypnosis Certification Training

Some of the invaluable tools you will learn:

  • Different ways to access the subconscious mind – using cards, books, pendulum and stones

  • The brown-bag protocol

  • Formula to dig deep into what your client really wants (sometimes they didn’t know!)

  • Finding and using the three buttons

  • How to find lost objects

  • And more … it can be a long day!

A full intensive day of training and discovery that will add to your clinic toolbox.


$500 plus taxes





NEW! More Tools for Your Client/Clinic Toolbox Advanced Training, LEVEL 2


MAY 22, 2022

Pre requisite – Hypnosis Certificate Training and Level 1 Toolbox Training

Some of the advanced tools you will learn:

  • Soul retrieval and healing technique

  • The Jungle Journey

  • The Boardroom of Advisors – Archetypes

  • Creating and using mandalas

  • Recovering your veins of gold – DNA regression


$500 plus taxes





Past Life Regression Facilitation Prerequisite -  Hypnosis Training

AUGUST 28 - 29, 2021                              An accredited International Board for Regression Therapy School

Because clients often ‘slip into’ former lifetimes when regressing to the initial sensitizing event, the professional hypnotist needs to understand how to work in this field in an effective, healing and ethical way.

You will learn the soul journey process which includes permission to take the journey, forgiveness, healing and wisdom.  You will be learning and practising almost from the first hour of the course!
This is an intense and profound learning experience as you are taught how to work with clients to travel through time, safely and ethically to receive the wisdom and learning of other lifetimes. This two day course could change your life – also the life of the clients you work with! 

Feel confident as you learn how to move your practice beyond the basics!


What you will learn:

  • How to facilitate a full, respectful and healing past life session.

  • When and when not to facilitate a PLR journey with your client

  • Understanding your role as a facilitator

  • What to do if the client ‘slips into’ past lives

  • What makes the journey most profound for most of your clients

  • Three different scripts for three different types of clients

  • Strategies if they get ‘stuck’

  • What to do if you hit a difficult or painful past life

  • What to do if your client wants out of the life

  • What if they become an animal in a past life?

  • And when they emerge from that life – then what?


Fee: $1000 plus taxes.

(Includes a reference workbook.  Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate and code of ethics to display)

Prerequisite of basic hypnosis or spirituality training, along with reading 'Return Again' written by Georgina, available from Amazon or Indigo, before the start date of the course.  

​Contact to register or ask questions.


Please note:  If for any reason a student wishes to cancel their participation in the course, notice must be given to the trainer by the end of the first day and all materials returned unmarked.  The cost of materials plus one day's training will be retained. 

Life Between Lives Regression Facilitation:    Prerequisite -  Hypnosis and PLR training


SEPTEMBER 4 - 5, 2021                             An accredited International Board for Regression Therapy School

Learn to facilitate the powerful space between lifetimes, we call the Interlife. True soul memories. The higher self in all its glory. These are energy or spirit journeys which enable the client to access their soul name, color and soul purpose for this lifetime. These journeys are profound and life-changing.  Two full long days for learning and practice. You will be practicing the facilitation within the first hour or two of the class.

  • ​Some of the experiences your clients may  have on their journey - which you will learn - include: ·
    Meeting the soul circle (and soul mate(s)

  •  Visiting the laboratory to learn new ways to manage energies

  • Visiting the library, or Akashic Records of past and future lifetimes

  • Visiting the garden of peace and healing

  • Connecting with the Council of Elders and receiving important information.

  • Going to the place of life choice… where you chose this lifetime to achieve your purpose. 

  • Along the way you will meet your guide(s) or angels

  • You will come to understand why you are here

  • You will come to understand where you are on your path.

  • You will discover your soul contract and 'thumbprint'. Who you truly are


Fee: $1000 plus taxes.

(Includes a reference workbook. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate and code of ethics to display)

Pre-requisite: Hypnosis or similar training. Past Life Regression Certification, and reading 'Return Again' written by Georgina, available from Amazon or Indigo, before the start date of the course. Other recommended reading: Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, by Dr. Michael Newton, Life Between Life by Joel Whitton, M.D. and Joe Fisher.

​Contact to register or ask questions.




NGH Hypnosis Level 1 Training -                    APRIL 8 - 11, 2022

NGH Hypnosis Level 2 Training -             APRIL 22 - 25, 2022  

Become certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists – the world’s largest hypnosis organization.

Help others – and yourself reduce stress, sleep better, manage pain, change habits and eliminate fears.

The course includes two 100-page workbooks for ongoing learning, CDs and DVDs, induction and testing scripts, and pendulum. Practice immediately upon graduation!

This pragmatic interactive curriculum is designed to allow you to learn, practice and use the classical approach to hypnosis.

You will learn:

  • How to test for suggestibility/hypnotisability

  • How to classify subjects

  • Favourable and unfavourable Influences

  • History of Hypnosis

  • How to develop rapport

  • How to hypnotize, deepen and test for depth of trance

  • Suggestion management

  • Self-hypnosis strategies

  • The many applications of hypnosis

  • Powerful inductions

  • How to decide which inductions to use based on the client’s needs

  • How to conduct your first session with a client

  • Behavioral assessment – goal setting – reinforcement

  • How to eliminate fears through systematic desensitization

  • Designing and teaching a self-hypnosis course

  • How to work with the law of attraction

  • Performance Enhancement techniques

  • Effective marketing and business strategies and materials

  • Legal considerations

To earn your certification at the end of the course you will need to pass a written exam. Upon completing this requirement, you become an accredited member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Other benefits of being a member of the prestigious National Guild of Hypnotists include:

  • Quality training and instructional materials

  • One year membership with the National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Hypnosis Educational Conference

  • Availability of affordable malpractice insurance

  • Availability of group health insurance

  • Legislative updates and support

  • The “Hypno-Gram” quarterly newsletter

  • The “Journal of Hypnotism” quarterly magazine

  • Referrals through computer listings

  • Video and audio rental library for members

  • Continuing education programs

  • Professional services by a professional staff

Admission Requirements:

All applicants must complete our registration application - please connect to receive your form

A non-refundable registration fee of $250 should be paid at the time of application to secure your place in a class.

Fee: $1,900 plus taxes with a non-refundable deposit of $250 required with completed application to hold your place in class. 




What our Students Say: 

"Today I completed the two levels of hypnotists training program with Georgina Cannon. Georgina offers wonderful courses for anyone looking to expand their awareness of the amazing benefits of hypnosis and past life regression. Georgina is an excellent teacher! She keeps the students engaged with a positive attitude. She is very enthusiastic, focused and creative. Georgina is very gifted in explaining complex ideas in simple ways. She keeps her students thinking and practising all the concepts she teaches. She is a beautiful and gentle soul, empty of any judgement. The biggest lesson I learned from her is that compassion doesn’t always mean simply accepting the other's behaviour. Compassion sometimes means kindly become a mirror and let the other see her or his own display of irrationality and lack of responsibility. She is so passionate about helping others become in charge of their own lives. I simply want to have her fire and passion in doing what I love. I would highly recommend Georgina’s classes! " Mira Rostami

Amazing teacher! Be ready for personal growth. Your perspectives and beliefs will be challenged and you will free yourself from whatever you need to. Learning this process is amazing in order to have an idea of what your client may experience. CG

I attended all of Georgina's courses (3) at U of T, she is a fascinating and incredible professor. During these all day sessions, our class of 24 learned so many powerful hypnosis protocols I cannot begin to describe. I then attended Georgina's certification courses in PLR and LBL, also fascinating and incredible! With her tools, I have gone on to help many individuals myself. Georgina, who is also a doctor of medical science (DMSc), sat on the council when Canada created its laws governing hypnosis. Although she is likely the most qualified of all clinical and consulting hypnotists in Canada, her prices are standard. (ASML)

"I recently had the pleasure to take two workshops with Georgina Cannon. What a great teacher! knowledgable and experienced, she gives generously to her students. Her great sense of humour makes it fun to learn with her. I am looking forward to other workshops and courses with her.. Ever since I can remember, guilt has been part of my life. In the last few months prior to a Past Life Regression workshop with Georgina Cannon, several times, I woke me up at night with a strong feeling of guilt that had nothing to do with my present life. It was a sure sign that it was time to heal that part of me. During the workshop I regressed to the life responsible for all that guilt. Since, I never woke up at night with that feeling. More importantly, guilt doesn’t take over my life like it did in the past. Recently, an event similar to one that brought a lot of guilt years ago occurred and I was able to see it for what it was. That didn’t make me happy but I didn’t feel guilty about it. PLR is a powerful and effective way to heal oneself.  Thank you, Georgina, for your transformational work.  Joanne Mercier, QC

“This exceeded my expectations and I would be very happy to be part of spreading the good news.  Change is possible and faster than you thought." Aingeal Grehan, Michigan USA

“I believe every therapist needs to be able to facilitate healing their patients through hypnosis.  It helps go beyond talk to the truth." Julia Zheretiy, Psychotherapist

“In the past I have been waiting for doors of opportunity to open.  This course has opened so many doors.  I am excited to start a new chapter."   Jo Roberts, Wainfleet Ontario

“If you are on a path of discovery of yourself and your fellow human, then this is for you.  You will gain deeper understanding regardless of where you are in life.  This class is transformational." Lucia Favarin  Voice Actor, Coach, Toronto, Ontario

“It was a pleasantful experience learning hypnotism from a gifted teacher." Ronald Teng, Student  Scarborough Ont.

“An awesome eye opening course.  Georgina is an awesome teacher." S.S. Naturopathic doctor, Toronto Ont.