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All classes are on Zoom, running from 9am to 4pm EST. A non-refundable deposit of $250, plus HST ($282.50), must accompany a Registration application to secure your place in class. 

E-Transfer or Credit Card are accepted.  A tax receipt will be available.

If you have any questions about the workshops, please CONTACT:

We reserve the right to cancel a course if sufficient numbers are not registered for the best possible training student opportunity.  Deposits and/or payments made will be refunded or held for the next training time in that event.

Check out all the workshops at Changing Lives Hypnosis


Master Hypnosis Tools Level 1 & 2                                                                                                                     APRIL 6-7, 2024

Train the Trainer (NGH Certification)                                                                                                              APRIL 11-15, 2024
Grief & Loss Counselling                                                                                                                              AUGUST 10-11, 2024
Spirit & Entity Attachment Release                                                                                                                                           TBD


Master Hypnosis Tools Level 1 and 2 MARY MCCANDLESS


This is a power packed two day workshop which will give you life-changing tools, both practical and metaphysical to enhance your practice for client understanding and powerful change.  Registrants must have one year in full-time hypnosis practice to apply, with deposit.   

  • New tools to initiate change, including pendulum, cards etc.

  • The use of art therapy in hypnosis

  • The use of psychodrama in hypnosis

  • The use of chair therapy in hypnosis

  • and much more.

$1500 plus taxes - requires a deposit of $250 plus taxes to hold your seat.  








Grief and Loss Counseling with Hypnosis Certificate


Grief and Loss – techniques for working with clients suffering loss. (This course is for practitioners who are used to working with clients at an advanced level of emotional management)

Grief is a deeply personal and universal experience that occurs after a significant loss of a family member, friend, pet, or even a job. People also experience grief when diagnosed with a debilitating illness that signifies the end of independence. Also the news of a terminal illness can take your client closer to the forgotten limitations of life. Separated couples can feel a tremendous sense of loss and grief. As can parents when their children leave home or
move to another country.  The intensity of the e
motions we feel during bereavement can vary from person to person,
as does the duration. Regardless, processing all those emotions and coming to terms with them is important for healing and moving on. . Although the experience of loss is universal, the grieving process is unique to each individual.

In this intensive advanced 2-day course, you will learn:

  • How to work with clients suffering various forms of grief and loss.

  • You will learn the home work to give them.

  • The Hypnosis and NLP techniques to use.

  • When to push and when to tread gently.

  • How to help honor the memories and with wisdom and understanding look

forward into the future.

  • When and how to build ongoing brief maintenance contact appointments.

Pre-requisites – hypnosis or NLP training, plus working with clients for at least one year.

Investment fee: $1,500 plus taxes, with a $250 non refundable deposit required to hold your seat

in this specialized class.



Spirit & Energy Attachment Release,   DATES FOR 2024 ARE TBD, MARY MCCANDLESS

(Prerequisites - Basic Hypnosis, and PLR & LBL Training)


10 people only, sign up early!                                    (An accredited International Board for Regression Therapy School)


What is Spirit Releasement Facilitation?

Most people would call the police if they observed burglars attempting forcible entry into a neighbour’s house.  It is an extension of this attitude and thinking which justifies the remote releasement work. The work consists of assisting souls or beings which have not gone into the light, and are lost or unwilling to go ‘home’.

Extensive contemporary clinical evident suggests that discarnate beings, the spirits or energy systems of deceased humans, can influence living people by forming a physical or mental connection or attachment.  These attachments can impose detrimental physical and/or emotional conditions and symptoms.  At the very least, they can drain the energy of the host client. This condition is called “spirit attachment” or “spirit obsession” or “entity attachment”.

In this workshop you will learn how to release these attachments – kindly, ethically and safely so that your client will feel lighter, more empowered and with a greater sense of freedom that they, possibly, haven’t felt for a long, long time.

In this powerful workshop you will learn and practice:

  • Preparation of the facilitation into love, forgiveness and clarity

  • Understanding the different types of energy attachments

  • The use and application of ideo-motor signals

  • How to safely release unwanted energies or attachments into the light

  • How to tell the difference between light and dark energies

  • How to release energies from other planets

  • How to release energies which came in from other lifetimes.

  • Remote Releasement – working through a surrogate for distant releasement


  • Past Life Regression certification

  • Interlife Regression certification

  • Hypnosis training and certification

There is an extensive workbook with scripts, and questions/techniques.

Fee: NOW ONLY $2500 + HST (Includes reference workbook, code of ethics, and certificate of training)

  • Some investigators in this field estimate that between 70% and 100% of the population are affected or influenced by one or more discarnate spirit entity at some time in their life (Dr. Edith Fiore)


 ​Train the Trainer (NGH Teaching Certification)

(Prerequisite of Level 1 and 2 NGH Certification):  

DATES april 11-15, 2024 (GEORGINA CANNON)

LEARN TO TEACH THE 100 HOUR NGH HYPNOSIS CLASS IN A FUN, EFFECTIVE, INTERACTIVE CLASS ENVIRONMENT from award-winning Train the Trainer, Georgina Cannon Instructor at the University of Toronto, award winning author, teacher and Board certified hypnosis clinician for over 20 years.


FREE!! In addition you will receive a bonus copy of Georgina’s best-selling workbook – How to Run Successful Workshops. ($35.00 value)

Let award winning trainer Georgina Cannon bring you her expertise – for over 20 years Georgina has been teaching hypnosis to Canadians – because she understands the laws, the personality and the differences that Canadians have to deal with. We are a multicultural society with a health care system like no other in North America… and it makes us different – so the teaching has to be different.

Georgina uses specialized techniques so you will learn to become a great teacher, including NLP and the “Code to Teach Adults” so that – upon graduation – you will walk away feeling ready to teach your first successful, fun hypnosis class. This course will show you how to teach the 100 hour NGH certified hypnosis course.

And you will practice what you learn along the way.

You will learn:

  • How to reach potential students – the marketing of your hypnosis course

  • How to train so students can learn intellectually and emotionally

  • How to manage your room full of students

  • How to use teaching aids

  • How to demonstrate techniques for the best learning experience

  • How to work with people for whom English isn’t the first language

  • How to use NLP to teach effectively.

  • How to use the NGH workbooks for fullest effectiveness in your teaching

  • “Selling” the benefit of NGH membership and Union membership for professional success

And the best part is that you will learn to use your expertise and passion to teach others professionally and expertly. Have fun and make some $$ doing it!

Prerequisite of at least one year in hypnosis practice.

1. Complete the registration form and send it back as soon as you can.

2.  We will contact you to schedule a phone interview when we receive your registration form.

3. Pay the NGH directly for the course. Fee: $1995 USD here. Includes link to Registration form.



Georgina is a witty and fun teacher, I found it easy to learn and felt part of the group." Denise Neill CI  East Coast Hypnosis

"The wisdom and shared wisdom gained anytime Georgina is teaching is invaluable.  I was able to get clarity in both purpose and material as well as plenty of practice and discussion." Barb Cooper Level 5 Squash Coach. C.I. Toronto

"Very well experienced instructor, always takes care of the students! Clear explanations always the possibility to ask questions." Bertrand Denis CI  Belgium

"The practice and feedback component was extremely valuable. I would recommend this course." Dr.Christopher Bryniak  Psychiatrist, Guelph.

"Very thorough, informative, educational and transformative, inspiring and motivating." Mathilda Pharmacy Data Analyst Oshawa Ontario


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